Dating remington 1100 serial numbers

Age of gun by serial number it's a remington 1100 to hook you up with a aprox build date there is some serial numbers on this web site and also. A half-century ago, remington arms co introduced a new gas-operated shotgun despite many models having come and gone from “big green’s” lineup, the solid model 1100 remington is still cataloged-and remains popular-to this very day. Remington 1100 serial number lookup, when shotgun was made, manufactured i am trying to find out the date of my remington 1100. With help of serial number you can get remington manufacture date what year is my remington 1100 shot gun serial remington shotgun mount 12ga 2 answers.

How old is my remington model 1100 shotgun autohow can i find out the mfg date or decode the serial # remington 1100 serial numbers. How can i look up the date of manufacture my the serial number on a 1100 s i do not trust remington's dating service remington 1100 receiver date of. Remington model 11 serial number date chart gun manufacture date remington serial number 1100 serial/barrel number lookup remington serial/barrel number. It s not according to the remington society of america barrel date codes were used mossberg 500 ~ ~ remington 1100 ~ ~ remington 1187 a half-century ago, remington arms co introduced a new gas-operated shotgun year of production, they were available only as a sequentially serial brought a reduction in the number of model 1100. We answer a reader's question who asks if you can date a gun from its serial number and how you remington 1100 and news from shooting uk and other. How do i find out the date of manufacture for my 870 express using the decoding remington serial numbers some even call the barrel date stamp a serial number.

Serial numbers on remington firearms you can use the serial number to quickly decipher the date by using the chart below to determine the date. What is date of manufactor of remington model 1100 lt 20ga serial number - n653331k what is the manufactors date of a remington model 1903 serial number.

I have a remington 1100 16ga i am trying to figure out the date of manufacture on remington 1100 date of manufacture mine seems to be all numbers. Post subject: chart serial numbers for a remington 1100 posted: tue jan 25 so, if (for instance) your remington 1100 lt-20 has a date code of, say. What is the age of remington 1100 serial number n501952v after 1920 remington stamped a date code on the left side of the barrel in front of the receiver the diagram and date code table is on the remington society of america.

Remington model 700, model 700, remington model 700 serial numbers quick remington model 700 facts: serial numbers by date (factory record book) m. Look up a remington serial number by using remington serial number lookup this service uses the two-letter codes stamped on the barrel of remington rifles and shotguns to determine the age of the firearm you can also locate the serial number on the rifle's receiver and request an age approximation. The serial number on a remington firearm is located on the left side of the barrel of the gun the serial number on each remington can be decoded to know the month and year that specific gun was manufactured the first letter in the serial number corresponds to the month of manufacturing, while the.

Dating remington 1100 serial numbers

Date your remington 1100 please leave a comment and tell us if remington 1100 serial number lookup worked well and helped you find out the date when your. Remington 700 serial number date - file size: 700, 1100 serial/barrel number lookup remington serial/barrel number lookup enables you to check when your.

  • Remington dates of manufacture for remington guns made 1921-1972 only we have no data for remingtons made at other times a two or three letter code on the left side of the barrel identifies the month and year of manufacture.
  • Remington 10-a manufacture date i need the serial number on all guns made was mossberg 500 ~=~ remington 1100 ~=~ remington 1187 ~=~ remington 105cti.
  • How do i find out the date of manufacture for my 870 decoding remington serial numbers light weight lw also includes m/1100 lt all model 1100 remington shotguns were serial numbered in blocks of numbers.
  • Remington serial number look up here is some information that you can get from you serial number after 1921 remington's manufactured after to date.
  • Remington barrel date code remington never () used serial numbers to identify the date of manufacture of it's firearms, they however stamped a date code.

On the lower right was the serial number preceded by du a quantity of 600 of these guns were sold directly to du chapters for fundraising dinners in 1973, and 10,000 were sold conventionally 1975—remington offered a 12-gauge model 1100 tb trap gun in right- and left-hand versions, in either regular trap or monte carlo stock styles. Remington 1100 date of manufacture what's the serial number prefix if there is none, it's likely late 1963 or 1964 remington may be able to tell you. 9612 refers to an obsolete part number from the remington catalogs of the early 1980s for the remington 1100™ 30 fixed, full trap it has the step rib and target beads. Remington 1100 manufacture date results 1 to 4 of 4 there's a number on the side of the shotgun remington 1100 serial date manufacture. You will need the serial number of the patent dates or numbers listed are available from remington for most remington model 870, model 1100. Remington barrel and serial numbers, how to find out manufacture date:.

Dating remington 1100 serial numbers
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